We recover and recycle 100% of used oil filters.

We recover, transport, and process mineral-based oils of all types.

Our customized trucks are also equipped to collect used antifreeze.

Our pump system allows for quick and clean recovery of oils and antifreeze.

The all-in-one environmental service company

Environmental Energy is a fully permitted environmental service company, providing various environmental services. Our custom manufactured oil recovery trucks are always clean and equipped to collect used oil, oil filters and anti-freeze – all at one time. Our custom vacuum truck is equipped to collect all your non-hazardous wastes. Our custom box truck is able to handle all containerized wastes, including hazardous wastes and providing parts washer service. Our drivers are dedicated to offering you the very best in both collection and resource recovery services.

Oil recovery – without the hassle

Our oil recovery process is quick and convenient – the way it should be. We design our services to fit the environmental needs of all businesses and industries, meeting and surpassing all performance and environmental guidelines. We provide you with the paperwork necessary to show compliance with regulatory requirements.

All-in-one stop

Used Oil

We recover, transport, and process mineral-based oils of all types.


Our customized trucks are also equipped to collect used antifreeze.

Used Oil Filters

We recover and recycle 100% of used oil filters.

Customized trucks to meet your needs.

Oily Water

We offer recovery of used products stored in everything from Oil/Water Separators to Contaminated Oil/Fuel Containments.

Not just oil & water.

Waste Recovery

Parts Washer services and equipment, containerized waste recovery, recycle and/or disposal.

Near or far. Large or small.


We have the necessary resources, no matter how large the volume or project, or how great the distance.

Environmental services – no matter the location

We have full-service trucks across the Midwest, call the location near you to schedule a pickup. For special projects or specific questions, call Cory Lambrecht at 913.742.3190.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my Used Oil and other Recyclables to you?

In some instances Yes. However, it’s a good idea to call your nearest Environmental Energy facility to double check. If not, they should be able to direct you to an appropriate Recycling Facility to meet your particular needs.
Does Environmental Energy accept Cooking and other Vegetable based Used Oils?

At this time, Environmental Energy only accepts mineral based oils.
Does my Used Oil have value?

Used Oil that’s kept out of the environment is the most valuable Used Oil there is because we all benefit by keeping our local communities and eco-systems clean. From a monetary standpoint, each situation is different depending upon such factors as volume, frequency, quality, proximity, number of locations, etc. As such, each customer we work with is evaluated on a case-by-case basis as to the fee structure utilized.
Does Environmental Energy pick up Hazardous Waste (as defined by RCRA)?
Yes, Environmental Energy is permitted to pick up and transport hazardous wastes to one of our terminating destinations. However, before we can pick up your waste, Environmental Energy may need to run analytical and profile each specific waste stream.
Is Used Oil a Hazardous Waste?

In most states Used Oil is a regulated material, but is not Hazardous by definition. Be sure to research your State and Local regulatory guidelines to be certain.
Which Federal Regulatory guidelines govern Used Oil?

Used Oil is regulated by the Federal Government through 40 CFR Part 279 - Used Oil Management Standards. Most States have adopted similar rules. Be sure to check with your State and Local Governments as well to be sure all the requirements particular to your business or situation are being met.
What is the difference between Waste Oil and Used Oil?

You may use these terms interchangeably, but the strictest interpretation necessitates a significant distinction. Specifically, the EPA recognizes Waste Oil as that Used Oil which has been mixed deliberately or not with Hazardous Waste. In most instances it should always be referred to as Used Oil exclusively.
Is there a minimum amount of Used Oil or other materials required to work with Environmental Energy?

Environmental Energy is a commercial service provider using large trucks to facilitate its operation. In most instances anything less than one (1) U.S. Drum (55 Gallons) should be taken to your local Recycling Facility. If you’re not sure or would like a recommendation for an address to the nearest Recycling Facility, please contact us at 855.631.PUMP.
What should I make sure DOES NOT get mixed with Used Oil?
Solvents - Chlorinated solvents (even at small quantities) will turn Used Oil into Hazardous Waste. Be sure to supply your shop or facility with only non-chlorinated sprays, cleaners, etc. to be safe.
Water/Antifreeze – A certain small amount of these materials get mixed with Used Oil naturally, however to avoid additional fees for the handling/disposal of your materials, you should always keep your waste/recyclable materials segregated in appropriately LABELED & APPROVED containers.